About us

「Enjoy Accessory!」をコンセプトにした、中村美香(なかむら みか)と沖高麗子(おき こまこ)二人の女性がデザインする、アートでキュートな日本のアクセサリーブランド。東京の東側にアトリエショップを構え、動物モチーフをはじめとした、カラフルで、楽しいアイテム制作。
最近では、東京の地場産業である革を使った小物やバッグなども手がけています。すべてMade in Tokyo。ニューヨークのミュージアムショップでも取り扱いされるなど、海外でも注目され始めたブランドです。

“Enjoy Accessory!” is our brand’ s concept. It is an artistic and cute Japanese accessory brand designed by two ladies; Mika NAKAMURA and Komako OKI. We have our workshop and store in the east of Tokyo and are making colorful and enjoyable items such as animal motifs.
Since the leather is a Tokyo’s local industry, in these days, we produce bags and small articles using this leather. They are all “made in Japan”, indeed! Our merchandise is dealt at the museum shops in New York and it are getting attention in overseas.


2005年  carmineとして露天、マーケットなどで活動を始める。
2006年  ファッション合同展示会に出展。ショップや百貨店に卸し始める
2007年  台東デザイナーズビレッジに入居、3年在籍
2011年  東京都台東区にショップオープン
2013年 カーマイン株式会社設立

Designers’ Biography
Education: the National University of the Fine Arts and Music, department of craft and its graduate school. We majored in brass course which is a Japanese traditional technique. It is a technique of hammering the metallic plate like a copperplate to make a form. We learned the metal formative arts.
After the graduate school, we both taught at a college of jewelry.
2005 We started sell our merchandise at the open air and the markets as a brand ”carmine”.
2006 We participated in Fashion Joint Exhibition and started to sell the items at department stores and shops.
2007 We moved into Taito Designers Village and had stayed there for three years.
2011 We opened our shop in Taito Ward in Tokyo.
2013 We established carmine Corp.


所在地:〒111-0056 東京都台東区小島2-7-7 1F
tel/fax: T 03-6662-8754 F 03-6662-8759

Company Profile

Firm name:Carmine CO., LTD.
Representative director:Mika NAKAMURA
Description of business:Planning, producing, wholesale trade, and selling of accessories, general merchandise, and leather items.
Establishment:April 2, 2013
Address:2-7-7-1F Kojima Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 111-0056, JAPAN
Tel:+813 6662 8754