Minimal Wallet -Reflection-
ミニマルウォレット -リフレクション-

Minimal Wallet -Reflection-
ミニマルウォレット -リフレクション-


This is a simple and compact Three-fold wallet made of three pieces of leather.

A reflection sheet that shines by headlights in the dark is crimped on shiny pigskin.
There are pockets for bills and coins, and four card pockets.

We are developing our original leather in Tokyo.


Size : 4×3×0.6 in
Material : Pigskin

Made in Japan

MMWRF-BLT Blue Triangle
MMWRF-BLC Blue Circle
MMWRF-PPT Purple Triangle
MMWRF-PPC Purple Circle
MMWRF-BKT Black Triangle
MMWRF-BKC Black Circle